Nordhavn 46 for sale...MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTION!!!!


As we have mentioned throughout our website, ensuring Arcturus is always in tip top shape is a high priority for us and we regularly service and maintain her including a yearly lift and hull treatment. 

Sure, a few fellow boaties have suggested that we perhaps overdo the maintenance with many of them only bothering with a hull treatment once every two or three years but for us, it means we can sail anywhere with total confidence -  safe in the knowledge that we’re never going to have any nasty surprises through worn or aged seals, neglected fittings or outdated electronics and poor engine maintenance. As they say…’an ounce of prevention’.

Last month was no different when we travelled across to the PSS shipyards where we treated Arcturus to another lift and refreshment which included:

  • Water blasting the hull and wet sanding followed by two coats of International, Interspeed bottom paint.
  • Having our 30 x 24-prop scraped, sanded, cleaned and polished to a high lustre. 
  • Changing the Cutlass Bearing on the main shaft with a new bronze backed bearing. 
  • Checking and servicing all thru-hull and intake fittings.
  • A new 316 stainless steel elbow fabricated to replace the original cast iron fitting for the generator which usually only last two or three years. Our last 316 elbow lasted seven.
  • A new 316 stainless steel elbow fabricated and installed for our Volvo, 2003 “get-home” engine. New 316 rub rails installed which have been polished to a mirror finish.
  • As an extra treat, we also had a new V2-10, Westmar bow thruster installed. The original unit a 5-hp 12vdc had served us well over the years but it was getting a little “long in the tooth” so we traded up to the new V2 with twin, stainless steel blades, running at 12-vdc. If desired, the new owner has the option of installing a series Parallel Switch with will up the voltage to 24vdc and the horse power to 13.5.
  • While the manufacturer suggests that the lower seals on the Naiad hydraulic stabilisers get changed every three to four years, we decided to replaced the seals now so the new owner can enjoy years of care free service before the next change.
  • Servicing of our refrigeration compressor as well as having the engineers inspect and service all our rudder bearings and seals.
With her new bottom treatment, bow thruster and comprehensive servicing PLUS Arcturus' recent price reduction you really are getting the bargain of the century and we guarantee you won't find such a well equipped and spotless world cruiser of this calibre anywhere in the world at such an amazing price! - Check her out!  


While it’s one thing to dream about releasing the mooring lines of everything we knew, all we had experienced and say farewell for a while to family and friends to head out into the blue of the unknown and seek a new life of adventure – it’s quite another to actually do it.

The 'if’s' and 'when’s' soon give way to the 'how’s', as we found ourselves pitched headlong into the overwhelming world of motor cruisers in every shape, size and configuration. So many choices – so much riding on the right one.

Unknown to us at the time, that process would take almost five years as we poured over designs, different manufacturers, different layouts and different performances – and different prices

In the end we managed to distil down a list of non-negotiable criteria for the vessel that would make our dreams a reality. They were:

SAFETY & RELIABILITY:  While we had owned one other craft in the past, crossing untamed oceans in any number of weather conditions meant we had to have a vessel that had already gone the full nine yards. A strong, solid, dependable design with a long, proven and successful record of ocean passages in all conditions.

COMFORT & STYLE:  We were not contemplating a weekend away camping. We wanted a vessel that would carry us across oceans in comfort and style with all the appointments, features and comforts we would need to make a home afloat

EASE OF HANDLING:  We wanted a vessel that could not only be easily handled by a husband and wife team, but also operated by one of us in an emergency if required. It couldn’t be too large but then again – we didn’t want to sacrifice sea-keeping abilities by going too small either.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE:  The last thing we needed was to be stuck in a remote location without the means or understanding to affect repairs so we wanted a vessel that was easily maintained and allowed complete access to all systems for any repair should they be required.

CAPACITY:  As we were going to travel to some of the worlds remotest and exotic regions – we needed a design that had the capacity to not only carry all our belongings safely and securely, but also any number of spare parts and back up systems, not to mention fuel and water to go the distance. We wanted a vessel design with a significant storage capacity but with a hull design of which its performance would not be compromised with additional weight.

ECONOMICAL:  Contemplating voyaging half way around the world would not be without cost so we needed a design/power plant combination that delivered both performance and economy.

SOCIABILITY:  While we were excited about heading off together for the adventure of a lifetime, we also wanted a vessel layout that allowed us to take on friends and family for short stays and entertain visitors when in port. A design that also provide comfort and space for them but also a high level of privacy for short holidays.

SPACE:  While we were keen on not overreaching on size, we do enjoy our space so we wanted a design that provided comfortable spacious living and operating areas both on deck and down below.

LOOKS:  To be honest, many of the designs we looked at were simply ugly unstable boxes that seemed out of place on an inland waterway - much less crossing an ocean. We wanted a classical look but one that also had some sleekness and style to her.

EQUIPPED:  A vessel relies on her operating systems for both performance and safety. From the latest electronics and navigational systems, power plant and refrigeration to plumbing and galley facilities – we wanted a vessel that was fully equipped to take us anywhere in safety and comfort.

We found all of this and so much more in our Nordnhavn 46 world cruising motor yacht – Arcturus.

For Christiane, the beautiful rich and warm teak throughout Arcturus is both stunning and practical with soft contoured edges and plenty of handholds.

The enormous bench top spaces and the extremely practical layout of the well-equipped and well-ventilated galley is a joy to cook and entertain from.

The cabins are luxurious spacious and equally comfortable, light and airy.

Arcturus’ protected and secure deck spaces are a delight and there is nothing more satisfying that relaxing under the deck awning in a cooling ocean breeze whilst sharing a refreshing drink and watching the sun go down at anchored in an exotic location.

For me, whilst I’m equally delighted with Arcturus’ spacious and lavish fit out and appointments, as the skipper – performance, reliability and safety at sea have been the most impressive attributes of our wonderful home afloat

Arcturus is so easy to handle and with her powerful bow thruster and sizeable supported rudder – easy to maneuver in tight marina spaces. In fact, you can sum up Arcturus’ sea handling abilities in three words: sea kindly, seaworthy and efficient.

Capable of running in very rough seas in any direction, Arcturus’ gently curved chine and rounded ballasted hull deliver a soft, comfortable motion. There are no harsh, jarring motions characteristic of many hard chine, semi-displacement hulls. Instead, she presents a more natural, friendly shape to unfriendly seas.

With her bow bulb, she sits higher in the water and rides up and over oncoming swells with without digging her nose in like other motor cruisers.

Her stability and ease of ride is also aided by the Naiad stabiliser fins that not only almost eliminate roll in heavy seas but also help steer a straighter course in adverse conditions giving us greater fuel economy.

From her over engineered and powerful anchoring system, well equipped helm and bridge, easily maintained and accessed power plant to Arcturus secure and protected decks – Arcturus has far exceeded even our wildest expectations.

On passage,at anchor or close quarter manoeuvring, we have always felt safe, secure and confident aboard this wonderful vessel.

Whether cruising US and Alaskan coastal waters; Pacific crossings, cruising fjords of New Zealand, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef or in more recent years, SE Asia  - Arcturus has been our cherished home and is fully equipped for a totally independent lifestyle - whether far out at sea, snug in a marina or floating serenely in a far flung and exotic anchorage.

All of Arcturus’ systems are constantly checked and maintained to the highest standard with a number of back up systems in place for quick change over.

Slipped and anti-fouled every 16 months and with lots of spares, Arcturus is in perfect condition and represents a rare and unique opportunity to step aboard and cruise over that horizon in total confidence and security.

For Christiane, Buster and I, it’s time to move ashore and enjoy our new grandkids and renew family ties, but with full fuel tanks, newly varnished teak interiors, upholstery and equipped with everything you’ll ever need afloat,
Arcturus is ready for her next adventure…Will you be at her helm?

Welcome to our wonderful world cruising motor yacht - Arcturus...


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