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Whether you’re heading down the coast for a long weekend or around the world for the adventure of a lifetime, it’s good to know that Arcturus is totally self sufficient with enough back up systems, spares and state of the art electronics to handle any situation.

Arcturus has been our home for the last 17 years and has taken us up into the mountain rimmed, pristine waters of Alaska; down the west coast of the US and some incredible Mexican sojourns; a lazy and incredible south sea cruise across the Pacific; an awe inspiring exploration of New Zealand’s majestic southern fjords; across to Australia and up through the stunning Great Barrier Reef and in recent years, cruising the exotic waters of South East Asia.

In all that time and over all that distance, Arcturus has kept us both safe and secure – despite our initial inexperience and hesitancy.

Regular maintenance is the key to hassle- free voyaging and all of Arcturus’ systems are constantly checked and maintained to the highest standard with a number of back up systems in place for a quick change over.

Arcturus is slipped and antifouled regularly and we have been constantly updating her operating systems and have even just recently had the entire galley and saloon area professionally sanded and 2 pack spray varnished as well as having all the saloon couches reupholstered.

We also opted for some expense but extremely practical modifications and additions to Arcturus that really do make her a remarkable, one of a kind world cruiser.

They include:


Arcturus’ main engine is a solid, dependable and totally reliable commercially rated John Deere, L6414D 414 diesel coupled to a heavy duty 3-1 reduction gearbox.

Naturally aspirated, with a keel cooler and exhaust stack that exits at the top of the mast, it’s both quiet and with total walk-around access, easy to service and maintain and has never missed a beat. 

As an additional safety measure, we also opted for a ‘wing engine’ with its own independent electrical and fuel system, shaft and propeller.

Located to the port aft, the Volvo 2003, 29-hp is capable of running Arcturus at a comfortable 4 to 5kt and while we’ve only used it twice in all these years, it’s still good to know that we have a backup.


Arcturus attains additional stability in difficult sea conditions through her active fin stabilizers controlled by hydraulics and an electronic gyro sensor. This revolutionary system is highly effective and reduces roll by as much as 90%.  

The NAIAD fins counteract the tendency to roll in heavy seas with an equivalent and opposite righting moment applied in exactly the proper phase and proportion. A rolling boat does not operate at maximum efficiency and over a long course, steers a zigzag track. With the advanced NAIAD active roll stabilizer system, Arcturus steers a nearly straight course, dramatically improving fuel economy.


On either side of the boat deck and secured to the rails, deck and main mast, are the outrigger chains for the flopper stoppers.

Easily lowered and activated, the hinged plates hang either side of the vessel about 2 - 3m below the surface and move up and down providing opposite force to any roll of the vessel through swell action.

The result is an almost perfectly still and stable vessel and a great night’s sleep.
Those same outrigger arms can also be used to deploy and control the towed paravane stabilisers which are now only carried as a back up to our Naiad fin stabilisers.


Arcturus’ West Marine 3.4m RIB and 15hp Yamaha outboard are stowed securely on their tie down deck blocks beneath a rotating dinghy boom arm. 

Equipped with a remote electric winch controller, the dinghy boom enables one person to lift, swing out and lower the RIB into the water with minimal effort.


Arcturus is only one of just two Nordhavn 46's that were fitted with a custom designed buoyancy bulb which keeps our bow high even in the most adverse swell conditions and reduces the bow pitching motion by a good 20% resulting in a much smoother passage.

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