Engine Room

Nordhavn’s common sense approach and meticulous attention to detail in relation to safety, comfort and reliability are clearly evident when entering Arcturus’ well ventilated engine compartment through the vertical hatch mounted in the rear shower stall wall of the master cabin ensuite or via the large removable flush-fitting hatches in the saloon cabin sole.

With five independent and removable hatches in the saloon floor together with the shower access hatch, carrying out maintenance below is both easy and hassle free.You’ll find no hot, cramped engine crawl spaces on Arcturus.

Arcturus’ commercially rated John Deere, L6414D 414 diesel with its heavy duty 3-1 reduction gearbox is mounted low down along the centre line of the vessel providing greater stability and all-round engine access.

Renown for their dependability these robust engines have been known to run in excess of 30,000 without a major service – significantly aided by their fool proof fuel management system and engine cooling system.

Arcturus is a dedicated long-rage ocean passage maker and features 4 large steel diesel tanks fitted in pairs - perfectly balanced either side of the engine wrap-around walkway against the both hulls. Each tank has large inspection holes and full depth baffles and with their individual fuel site glasses, they can be run in unison or isolated as required.

Arcturus also has four, inline but fully isolated fuel filters and an advanced fuel scrubber system allowing for quick and simple change over while underway.

To reduce the possibility of water-cooling problems, the traditional salt water system with its through hull, strainer and raw-water pump has been replaced with a more dependable keel cooling system.

Completely enclosed, Arcturus’ fresh water system ensures no salt water enters the boat or the engine. Instead, the water from the engine is circulated through a heat exchanger and cooled in the externally flush-mounted keel cooler.
No clogged strainers and failed raw-water pumps here.

The advanced and incredibly efficient cooling system is further enhanced by the engine’s dry exhaust which travels up a heavily insulated and well-secured S/S pipe through all decks to exit atop the mast.

Not only does this reduce engine noise and eliminates exhaust fumes but also ensures no water can enter the engine through the traditionally installed exhaust wet-exhaust hose.

In keeping with the many other back up systems, Arcturus also features a ‘wing’ engine with its own independent electrical and fuel system, shaft and propeller.

Located to the port aft, the Volvo 2003, 29-hp with its dedicated shaft and folding propeller is capable of running Arcturus at a comfortable 4 to 5kt and provides additional confidence that Arcturus will get you home safely no
matter what conditions or circumstances.

Sitting opposite the ‘Wing’ engine you’ll also find Arcturus’ 8-kW Northern Lights diesel generator with its own fuel and electrical system. Combined with Arcturus’ oversized 160-amph-engine alternator you’ll have guaranteed power to spare - wherever you roam. 

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