Anchor Locker

For a solid, spacious and powerful world cruiser like Arcturus you need ground tackle and an anchoring system thats both easy to use ands just as rugged - for security at anchor - Arcturus ticks all the boxes.

Within clear unobstructed view of the Bridge, up forward on deck, Arcturus’ 55g Plough anchor sits securely atop the twin 15 mm S/S bowlers protruding through an innovative bow coaming which allows for easy setting and retrieval of the anchor and its 400ft of 3/8 fully galvanised chain without snagging or damaging the sweeping bow or custom bow bulb.

With foot operated switches just behind the solid Maxwell 3500 S/S anchor winch (upgraded from the standard 2200 Maxwell winch), plus auto anchoring control back in the helm position Arcturus also features a hand anchor chain deck wash hose to clean the decks and chain of sand and mud during retrieval.

Uncluttered access is the go and Arcturus’ anchor position certainly has that but it's down below in the anchor locker where she really shines.Boasting one of the most spacious anchor lockers of any vessel this size, Arcturus large S/S hawser pipe allows for a clear drop into the self draining anchor locker located behind a double vented hatch in the forward heads. 

Above the anchor well and chain storage, you’ll find wide, deep and reinforced cargo shelves running down either side where heavy duty gear and spares can be stored in safety.

With overhead lighting and wide, clear access to all anchoring cables and below deck motor, you’ll never find yourself climbing about over plies of tangled wet, dirty anchor chain in a cramped, dimly lit compartment looking for a faulty solenoid or trying free a snagged chain like many other yachts and motor cruisers.

Arcturus also carries an additional 500 ft of galvanised chain as well as over 500ft of 1 1/4 nylon rode plus a Gale rider Storm Survival Sea Anchor and a 35b Stern Anchor secured for easy deployment on the stern.Solid, secure and over engineered, Arcturus’ well thought-out and robustly built anchoring system provides peace of mind and a good nights sleep after a long sea passage.  

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