One of the first things you immediately notice when stepping inside Arcturus’ spacious and magnificently appointed wheelhouse is that you are in total command, with everything right there at your finger tips.

Set just below Arcturus’s solid, wide-view, forward-angled windows, you’ll find a comprehensive array of fully integrated state-of-art navigation equipment including the Furuno 48 mile radar display, Furuno and Garmin GPS, engine monitoring systems, speed and depth displays, compass as well as VHF and HF radio communications.

Large, solid engine throttles sit either side of the stylish leather-rimmed ships wheel, where the skipper where the skipper has the additional security of a secure bench seat and side support grab rail for rough conditions.

Well-ventilated, vertical slider side-windows provide plenty of airflow from port and starboard, reinforced slider-doors providing additional cross ventilation and  quick access to both side and forward deck areas.

Arcturus’ Portuguese bridge coaming ensures all-round weather protection whilst delivering sweeping panoramic, unobscured views of the vessel’s forward deck and bow areas.

To the immediate left and just below the helm position, you’ll find Arcturus integrated ship’s power distribution system with its large, clear monitoring displays and a quick ’swing-out’ panel allowing easy access to the heart of the electronics system.

With ample shelf and storage space either side and immediately behind the helm, all ships manuals, navigation charts and guides are always within reach along with any portable gear such as binoculars and hand-held radios and torches.

Bedie the helm position you’ll find a solid, beautifully crafted fold-out table which quickly converts to a handy chart table or dining table for entertaining guests seated on the comfortable padded bench sofa. 

Specifically designed for cruising couples, the rear of the bridge area also features a slide out bunk where the off-watch partner can sleep comfortably but still within reaching distance of the person on watch. 

This is ideal for a husband and wife team, where one person might feel apprehensive about standing watch alone.

To the right of the helm position you’ll find a removable floor hatch which when stowed, provides direct stair access to the both the master and guest cabins below while at the rear of the bridge area, a small flight of steps takes you down into the salon and galley area.

Nordhavn really did have the long-distance cruiser in mind, even down to a handy over-head hatch in the galley that allows the cook to pass up drinks and snacks to those standing watch on the bridge area.

With a solid teak and holly cabin sole, artisan crafted timber fiddles, cabinetry and rails at every turn, you really know you are aboard something special and in command of an amazingly secure and luxuriously equipped blue-water vessel.

                 CONSTRUCTION                                             ENGINE ROOM                                                SALOON    
                     GALLEY                                                    OWNERS CABIN                                           FORWARD CABIN



         MID & FORWARD HEADS                           ANCHOR LOCKER                                         BRIDGE

                   BOAT DECK                                               RETURN TO LAYOUT & CONSTRUCTION

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