Boat Deck

Accessed via secure and protected steps leading up from the starboard side just behind the bridge companionway sliding door, Arcturus’ Boat Deck features wrap around handrails and large aft storage locker.

  • Clean and uncluttered and boasting numerous solid hand holds throughout, this is where you’ll find Arcturus’ West Marine 3.4m RIB and 15hp Yamaha outboard resting securely on their tie down deck blocks beneath a rotating dinghy boom arm.

    Equipped with a remote electric winch controller, the dinghy boom enables one person to lift, swing out and lower the RIB into the water with minimal effort.

    With the RIB tied up securely alongside, your Boat Deck suddenly becomes a spacious entertaining area providing 360 views and plenty of room to laze about.

    Additional steps also leading up to the overhanging bridge roof where you’ll also find room to store all those water toys such as the two kayaks, plus the bridge operated 3000lum searchlight.

    On either side of the boat deck and secured to the rails, deck and main mast, are the outrigger chains for the flopper stoppers.

    Easily lowered and activated, the hinged plates hang either side of the vessel about 2 - 3m below the surface and move up and down providing opposite force to any roll of the vessel through swell action.

    The result is an almost perfectly still and stable vessel and a great night’s sleep.

    Those same outrigger arms,  can also be used to deploy and control the paravane stabilizers which were designed to reduce roll and keep Arcturus on a level setting when navigating rough and confused conditions.

    However, since the installation of a Naiad fin system all-hydraulic, gyroscopically controlled and extraordinarily rugged - the paravanes are now largely obsolete as the Naid automatically adjust to any sea condition and provide far superior stability. It is also the most quiet, reliable and trouble-free stabilizer available today.


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