Nordhavn 46 for sale - layout & construction

Make no mistake, the Nordhavn 46 is a serious long distance passage maker, built to overcome any weather or sea conditions and bring you back home again in absolute safety and luxurious comfort.

With Arcturus’ basic hull structure made of solid fiberglass and Vinylester resins used in the first laminations below the waterline to resist water penetration, her hull and superstructure are almost bullet proof.

The hull is further strengthend by heavy-duty transverse and longitudinal stringers glassed to the hull to provide extra rigidity whilst Divinicell is used as a core material in all vertical cabin structures and end grain balsa core used in all horizontal surfaces for added strength, while the deck-to-hull joint is fastened with stainless steel through-bolts on
6" centers using 3M's 5200.

The 2" diameter stainless steel prop shaft drives a 28" 4-bladed bronze prop, and the
2 l/4" stainless steel rudder shaft controls the rudder made from l/2" stainless plate. The rudder assembly is protected and strengthened with a massive bronze rudder shoe.

Nordharvn were one of the first to challenge the popular marine trend for light, go-fast boats and the Nordhavn 46 quickly attracted an ardent and enthusiastic following of sailors and power boaters looking for the ideal passage maker that did away with the usual discomfort of voyaging under sail or being tossed about like a cork in a light weight hull design - all dependent on fair winds or good weather.

Capable of running in very rough seas in any direction, Arcturus’ gently-curved chine and ballasted rounded hull deliver a soft, comfortable motion with no harsh, snapping motions characteristic of a hard chine, semi-displacement hull.

Instead, she presents a more natural, friendly shape to unfriendly seas where her seaworthiness can be utilised to great advantage, as her efficiency through the water requires only l00 hp to maintain cruising speeds of between 7.5 and 8.5 knots.

As a result of this modest power requirement, Arcturus’ low fuel consumption provides an ocean-crossing range of nearly 3,000 nautical miles. Even for coastal cruising, this freedom from having to find fuel every few hundred miles is a great comfort.

At 60,000 pounds, Arcturs is heavier than most 50 to 55 foot boats and adding to the advantages of her heavy displacement, the reserve buoyancy of her high bow, together with her custom made buoyancy bulb (one of only two Nordhavns to ever been built with this
feature) allows her to proceed in extreme conditions when other boats have to return to port.

The bulbous bow was a significant and expensive build upgrade but has been proven to reduce the bow pitching motion by over 20% and to add another 10% fuel efficiency over long passages.

Another factor contributing to Arcturus’ seaworthiness and sure-tracking in heavy wind conditions is her low A/B ratio (Above Water vs. Below Water) of 2.3 to 1.

With almost 50% of her total area below the waterline unlike many other ‘trawler yachts’, which often sit much higher, Arcturus, is far less vulnerable to high winds and boarding seas.

Her relatively low freeboard and low cabin profile present a smaller surface to the elements and her high coaming and heavy duty stern and forward deck gates ensure total protection when out on deck. 

Benefiting from over 4,800 pounds of ballast in her keel, Arcturus attains additional stability in difficult sea conditions, through her active fin stabilizers controlled by hydraulics and an electronic gyro sensor. This revolutionary system is highly effective and reduces roll by as much as 90%. Arcturus’ directional stability is also enhanced by her full-length keel, and, with the help of her slightly tucked-in stern, she rides down swells as if on rails. 

Easily handled by two people, yet boasting accommodation for at least four more, Arcturus functions as an extremely comfortable and well appointed home with a level of luxury guaranteed to keep all aboard perfectly happy for long, extended stays. Her maneuverability (well assisted by her powerful bow thruster), stability and well-thought-out deck layout make docking and anchoring simple tasks for two people to perform.

Inside and below Arcturus’ extensive solid teak hand crafted fit out, soft curves and well thought out design provide multiple living spaces that are a total delight and provide a level of luxurious comfort and style you could only dream about.

She really is one of a kind. Check out her many other features below:

                 CONSTRUCTION                                         ENGINE ROOM                                                   SALOON    
                      GALLEY                                                    OWNERS CABIN                                          FORWARD CABIN



       MID & FORWARD HEADS                           ANCHOR LOCKER                                         BRIDGE

                   BOAT DECK 

Compass Rose Watermark